User Experience Consultancy

User Experience is more than just understanding your business. It's about understanding who your audience is and what they want.

Here at Why Digital we seek to understand what your users expect and what will drive greater value and benefit from them. For User Experience, we use a blend of design insight, usability and accessibility, psychology, technical knowledge and storytelling.

Combining these skills we can better support the visitors’ experiences by focusing on what they are trying to achieve, with the site architecture thus becoming the enabler rather than a hurdle to overcome.

Areas of expertise that can be used for User Experience can include: 

User Testing

The best and most reliable tool for assessing and improving the performance of your site, product, or service.

We test real people performing real tasks – observing what they actually do: real actions, real evidence, not just opinions! Based on the evidence we make concrete recommendations for improvement.

Persona Development

Giving a face to your user segments allows for a great understanding of the values, goals, and limitations of a user.  

Why Digital's persona process evolves a previously cookie-cutter procedure into a responsive understanding of your target audience, to help guide content design, interaction, and future marketing decisions. 

What you will get in return...

Here at Why Digital we deliver based on the objective set at the beginning of each project. In our reporting we will always look to provide you with clear direction and also give you the ability to drive results fast.

Due to the tried and tested methods that Why Digital use, we will create detailed and bespoke reports for you and your organisation. These will be jargon free and full of useful insight into your current digital landscape. They will also convey areas of concern concisely and provide a summary of areas to be improved.

On top of this, Why Digital will also be able to effectively and efficiently work out a return on your investment (ROI) for any improvements that we recommend for your online presence.

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