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  • Agencies: They have post it’s. And ping pong tables. And thick rimmed glasses. But everyone knows an agency these days isn’t complete without the key member of the board: The Agency Dog. It got us thinking, is having a dog more than just fuzzy snuggles and sniffy cuddles? Can we learn a thing or two about our canine companions? Think about it; would it not be easier if we all behaved more like mans best friend? The loyalty, friendship, and (to a lot of dog owners) council… the benefits sound amazing! Unfortunately, when it comes to being a business owner, it probably isn’t the best mantra. The reason why, think of the short sighted nature of a dog… Chasing it’s tail, it wants to catch it, bite it… But does not know the almightiest yelp will be sounded directly after biting it. Similarly, with a lot of

  • I attended an event yesterday hosted by our good friends BIMA and Lab at the Ivy, London called Humans Behaving Badly. Of all the experience and insight taken onboard, one thing resonated incredibly well for me. Teodora Mişcov, her talk was around the fact that everyone needs to eat more bad burgers… She spoke of a story of when a dope fuelled Robert Downey Jr decided to stop at Burger King for a burger. The actor, who had been publicly plagued by drug problems throughout his career, at that moment had an epiphany. One which changed his life for the good. Read it here if you fancy. What resonated so well with me with the story was I, 3 years ago, was in a similar situation. But in my story, that burger experience, that life changing event that took place, was the birth of my son. What that moment brought

  • Build your business on perks and benefits; you will fail. Build your business on inspiration and trust; you will succeed. Free fruit, Ping pong table, Gym membership, Your birthday off every year… Do these define culture? Healthy pay checks, Profit share in the success of the business, A fancy watch for being 20 years in a business… Do these define loyalty? We’ve heard it all before… Culture and loyalty are not built on perks and benefits. But what is not always answered, is what is it built on? Simple: Inspiration and trust. Through inspiring and trusting employees, companies can build a type of loyalty with their employees that grows far beyond simply earning a wage; they build a common purpose. Comparatively, it’s the same kind of feeling of camaraderie, of togetherness that comes to us when we support our childhood football team. Even though they miss out

  • Bournemouth is known for a lot of things. Whether it’s for having over seven miles of beautiful sandy beaches¹, being the one of the largest financial sectors in the UK² or being one of 2 areas in the UK where the average age of the population is getting younger³, it offers a lot to its inhabitants. But what is becoming more prevalent, is the speed at which the creative and digital sector is growing - in fact, according to the 2017 Tech Nation report, Bournemouth has the fastest growing digital economy in the UK! But why is this?Not only does Bournemouth have an endless list of award winning agencies like Redweb, Media Lounge, 3 Sided Cube and Greenwood Campbell, but it also inhabits a startup community where innovation is nurtured and celebrated.In the first of a series of posts on Bournemouth's growing

  • Yes, I've been growing a beard. - Not to be "hip", but mainly in preparation for my fatherly duties at Christmas

  • To say SEO has “changed a lot” would be the understatement of the decade. - Especially as Google changes it's algorithm on what seems like a daily basis! This article should provide a few SEO strategy quick wins to help businesses of all sizes compete in the 2017 digital world. Pop-ups We've all been there; browsing on a website and suddenly our experience is disrupted by an inconsiderate pop-up! Initially to help generate leads or capture information, many marketers have put pop-up forms on their website pages. But the misuse of them has not only affected the users behaviour, but has also made Google take action.  In August 2016, Google announced that they would begin to penalise websites that use what they call “intrusive interstitials.” This doesn't mean that all pop-ups will be penalised, just the ones that get in the way of a user’s ability